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Locking VersaMount VersaLock
The most dynamic of the VersaMount series. Hang and lock compact Milwaukee PACKOUT™ or combine with the VersaLock to create a layout that allows for mixing a layout of Standard and Compact organizer sizes. Use in combination with either VersaMount to secure your standard-width Milwaukee PACKOUT™. Will not hang a Milwaukee PACKOUT™ on its own
Best Price: $21.99 Best Price: $4.99


Designed for Cross Functional Use

The video below shows how the combination of the Locking VersaMount in conjunction with the VersaLock can be lined up to create a system that mounts both standard and compact-width Milwaukee PACKOUT™. This will lock in the organizers in place in every configuration shown.


Disclaimer: Milwaukee, and PACKOUT are trademarks of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation (Milwaukee Tool). The products of Unbeaten Path Designs LLC are not affiliated with, authorized by or endorsed in any way by Milwaukee Tool.  

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